Automation and K.N.X Lighting Control systems

Take control of your living spaces with KNX smart home and residence systems more security and comfort are at your disposal

KNX smart home and residence systems facilitating integration in living spaces, offer aesthetic integrity, comfort beyond limits and energy saving all together with user friendly and plain interface.

All family members can manage the devices such as lighting, heating-cooling and curtains/blinds with ease. activate burglar alarm, watch the cameras and can talk to the incoming guests via intercom moreover, you can easily fulfil your needs such as taxi, valet service or SPA reservation.

The Valesa touch panel, the most important component of the KNX smart home and residence system, fulfils your entire needs from a single point by assisting you to enjoy comfort in your home adding value to your ambient aesthetics with its sleek design through a single touch, the valesa panel becomes an indispensable member of your home with its functionality.

Enjoy living comfort with the KNX smart home systems perfected with Oria thermostat, switches and sockets.